Tom Dalzell – Schreber in L‟Etourditl

Issue 41 (Summer 2009) Pages- 115-125 

This article examines Lacan‟s interpreting Schreber in terms of the “not all” of the formulae of sexuation. It demonstrates how a substitution of the exception and the masculine universal for the missing Name-of-the-Father and phallic signifier in “Schema I” sheds light on Schreber‟s “push-to-the-woman” and absence of phallic sense, but it also argues that Lacan did not equate the questioning of the exception in femininity with its foreclosure in psychosis.

Having spent a year speaking about Schreber in his third seminar (1955-1956) and developed his thinking there in “D‟une question préliminaire” (1958), Lacan returns to Schreber in his enigmatic 1973 text, L‟Etourdit.1 He had already been speaking about there being “no sexual relationship” (“il n‟y a pas de rapport sexuel”) in “D‟un discours qui ne serait pas du semblant” (1971),…..

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