Rob Weatherill – The Universe is Therapeutic – Life In-Sists Before it Ex-Ists in signs

THE LETTER 28 (Summer 2003) pages 23-37

One no longer just goes for help. Instead, one enters a whole ideology of caring.

Therapy for every possible condition. Soft, warm seduction -supportive, suggestive, hypnotic, congenial, client centred: we can heal your inner child – poetry and painting for the inner child. Get in touch with your true feelings. Co-dependent? Co-dependent no more. This course will identify and clarify co-dependent behaviours and enable you to let go unhealthy and stressful behaviours. Share things with us. The postmodern is therapeutic: a vast Americanisation of life and a commercialisation of human aspirations – all the signs of health. Been abused as a child? The group will offer you an opportunity to explore your own issues – in relation to self, your body and to others. Or, looking at issues affecting how women see themselves, the aim will be to empower women, to increase our self-worth, and to overcome shyness about our own bodies. Remember: your body is beautiful. Focus on your own healing process. The group offers a safe place to explore memories. Use your power to improve relationships. Experiment with new and more satisfying ways of relating. Learn to befriend fear and learn what it has to teach us about ourselves.

There is no aspect of modern life not catered for by some therapy. Several hundred types of therapy, perhaps more. All are now becoming accredited, professionally organised, professionally skilled, marketed, niche marketed. Undoubtedly, therapy has come to fill the place vacated by traditional religions, but, much more importantly, the place left by the end of the social. Just as genuine commitment to friendship, fellowship and…

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