Mary Cullen – Struggling with Lacans L’Etourdit and Fierens Second Reading

The Letter 59 & 60 Summer – Autumn 2015, pages 39-46

The paper outlines a circling around L’Etourdit and Christian Fierens’ second
reading of it in order to find a ‘way in’. Starting from a place of ‘sense’- that
of the universal, language, and current public discourse – attention is then
brought to focus on the rigour of the requirement of an analytic formation.
The work of Winnicott towards the end of his life in attempting to describe
the place where life begins is juxtaposed with the ‘Real’ of Lacan, leading to
a grappling with the effect of the structure coming from the unconscious and
an outline of progression to date in understanding Fierens’ second and third
formulae of sexuation.
Keywords: public discourse, modal structure, Winnicott, second formula of
sexuation, third formula of sexuation.
Lacan ‘… is uniquely by equivocation that interpretation works. There
must be something in the signifier that resonates’
Sunset Hails a Rising
Dying by inches, I can hear the sound
Of all the fine words for the flow of things
To mark the path into the killing ground
The poets and philosophers have used
Perhaps their one aim was to give words wings,
Or even just to keep themselves amused…

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