Malachi McCoy – You Have a Very Good Future Behind You

THE LETTER 49 (Spring 2012) pages 73-79

Freud reminds us of the indispensable and ethical requirement, of one’s own reputable analysis, in the formation of becoming an analyst. The science of psychoanalysis is fundamental in demystifying what is involved in, and what is at stake for psychoanalysis. This paper recalls some of those fundamentals.

Keywords: Freud, formation, science, Melman, Lacan, Gallagher, cartel, plus one, Oedipus complex, ethics.

‘How can one become an analyst’? Freud asks in Recommendations On Analytic Technique …He writes ‘I count it as one of the many merits of the Zurich school of analysis that they have laid increased emphasis on this requirement, and have embodied it in the demand that everyone who wishes to carry out analyses on other people shall first himself undergo an analysis by someone with expert knowledge. …

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