Lionel Bailey – Psychoanalysis in the Work of a Psychiatrist in the State Sector

THE LETTER 48 (Autumn 2011) pages 55-62

This paper shows how psychiatrists and psychoanalysts interact in an institutional setting. The problematic of their different discourses is not unique to their situation, and this is frequently understood to be a problem of ‘boundaries’ which afflictspecialists in whatever walk of life they work. It is hoped that the approach outlined will give some insight into how this difficulty might be handled to yield a ‘good-enough outcome.

Keywords: psychoanalyst, psychiatrist, NHS, transference, master signifie.

The theme of this presentation is psychoanalysis in the work of a psychiatrist in the state sector. My current experience of the state sector is the British NHS, a very large organisation with a great political value, which is not known for its flexibility and ability to adapt rapidly to change…

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