Jacques Lacan – L‟étourdit: A Bilingual Presentation of the Second Turn, Second Part: The Discourse of the Analyst

Issue 45 (Autumn 2010)  Pages – 1-15

1. The psychoanalytic group is impossible (31a-32c) I have the task of clearing the way for the status of a discourse, there where I locate that there is… something of discourse: and I locate it from the social bond to which are submitted the bodies that labitent2 this discourse.
My undertaking appears hopeless (is so by that very fact, this is the result of hopelessness) because it is impossible that psychoanalysts should form a group.
Nevertheless, the psychoanalytic discourse (this is me clearing the way) is precisely the one that can establish a social bond cleansed of any group necessity.
Since people know that I do not mince my words when it is a matter of putting into relief an appreciation which, though deserving a stricter approach must do without it, I would say that I measure the group-effect by the amount of imaginary obscenity it adds to the effect of discourse. People will be all the less astonished, I hope, at this saying because it is historically true that it is the coming into operation of analytic discourse which opened the way to so-called group-work and that this work only gives rise to an effect, dare I say, purified of the very discourse which allowed it the experience…..

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