Guy Le Gaufey – Lacan‟s NotAll Prologue Logic of the Sexual Fault Line

Issue 45 (Autumn 2010)  Pages – 37-70

This Prologue is a road map for the circuitous journey which Le Gaufey will follow in his work on the Logic of the Sexual Fault-Line, which can be read as a continuation of the Prologue. The starting point is classical logic, then moving on to the quarrels of logic in the Middle Ages and coming to an endpoint at Lacan‟s changes to traditional logic which enabled him to develop his formulae of sexuation.

Borromean knot, neither one nor two. Logic is not known for its close relationship with the sexes. The p‟s and q‟s that populate propositional calculus do not stimulate licentious thoughts in many. Likewise inasmuch as we think about the sexes we imagine them as poorly regulated by the literal rigour that makes logic stick to its priapism with regard to the truth…..


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