Guy Le Gaufey – An Introduction to a Critical Reading of the Formulae of Sexuation

Issue 39 (Autumn 2008) 

This paper is based on an address in 2007 at the first study-day o f the Irish School for Lacanian Psychoanalysis. The author introduces his essay on Lacan’s formulae o f sexuation which appears here for the first time in Inglish translation. He reveals what led him to make a critical reading o f :he formulae and he relates their development to another trajectory, L scan’s gradual invention o f his “o object”.

I want first to tell you how touched and honoured I am to be invited to the first meeting of the Irish School of Lacanian Psychoanalysis because I was aIso present, 13 years ago, the day, the very day when the APPI was founded……..


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