Lionel Bailey – Psychoanalysis in the Work of a Psychiatrist in the State Sector

THE LETTER 48 (Autumn 2011) pages 55-62 This paper shows how psychiatrists and psychoanalysts interact in an institutional setting. The problematic of their different discourses is not unique to their situation, and this is frequently understood to be a problem … Continue reading

Terry Ball – Love in Plato‘s Symposium and Lacan‘s Transference Seminar

This article focuses on Lacan‘s eighth seminar on Transference, specifically his references to Plato‘s Symposium, and more particularly the attention he pays therein to the interaction and dialogue between Alcibiades, Socrates and Agathon. Addressed will be Lacan‘s specific take on … Continue reading

Tony Hughes – Freud‟s Group, Lacan‟s Cartel and the Toric Organisation

Issue 45 (Autumn 2010)  Pages – 71-85 Lacan put the work of the cartels at the core of the transformation of the analyst. His design follows Freud‟s model of hierarchical organisations but modifies it in order to establish it on … Continue reading