Will Greenshields An Approach to Lacans XXVIth Seminar Topology and Time

THE LETTER 62 Summer 2016-pages 71-97 This paper outlines an approach to Lacan’s XXVIth seminar Topology and Time. It begins with an examination of Lacan’s substitution of the philosopher’s being and time for the psychoanalyst’s topology and time by looking … Continue reading

Tony Hughes – Lacan’s Use of Topology – A Chronology

The Letter 59 & 60 Summer – Autumn 2015, pages 91-105 Lacan’s use of topology seems to have begun with the Rome Discourse in September 1953. From that time on until the end of his life he used it extensively … Continue reading

Charles Melman – Inside and Outside in the Case of President Schreber

THE LETTER 48 (Autumn 2011) pages 1-7. Are our thoughts and actions governed by innate ideas, as Plato would have it, or by the experience of reality mediated by our senses which is Aristotle’s position?  This ancient question can be … Continue reading