Donat Desmond – God is Nowhere – Psychoanalysis – Negative Ontology, Negative Theology

THE LETTER 52 Spring 2013, pages 47-55 The ambiguity or pun in the title ‘God is now here’,‘God is no where‘ is entirely intentional as it explores Lacan’s subject engaged in the task of analysis depicted as a ‘negative ontology’ … Continue reading

Daragh Howard – Lacan’s Concept of the Unconscious in Seminar XI (Part One) – On the Subject as Indeterminate

THE LETTER 48 (Autumn 2011) pages 47-53 This is the first part of a paper on the unconscious as discussed in Lacan’s Seminar XI, The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis. It highlights the elaboration of the questions of Cause, Location, … Continue reading