Jacques Lacan – Psychoanalysis and the Formation of the Psychiatrist

This talk given by Lacan as a contribution to a program of lectures for trainee psychiatrists deals with the place of psychoanalysis in the formation of the psychiatrist, with the treatment of the psychotic as its central theme. The anxiety … Continue reading

Tony Hughes – Freud‟s Group, Lacan‟s Cartel and the Toric Organisation

Issue 45 (Autumn 2010)  Pages – 71-85 Lacan put the work of the cartels at the core of the transformation of the analyst. His design follows Freud‟s model of hierarchical organisations but modifies it in order to establish it on … Continue reading

Jean-Pierre Georgin and Erik Porge – Above the Horizon there is no Sky

Issue 43 (Spring 2010) Pages – 53-77 This paper takes one of Lacan’s “o objects” – the look – as its starting point. Lacan developed his thinking on the implications of perspective geometry for painting in 1966 in his seminar … Continue reading