Christian Fierens – Response to Tom Dalzell

Issue 41 (Summer 2009) Pages- 127-131 Christian Fierens argues in this paper against understanding Lacan‟s exception as a transcendental reality and, preferring L‟Etourdit‟s topological approach to Lacan‟s geometric one in 1958, he contends that Schreber was right to foreclose the … Continue reading

Charles Melman – What Thrilled Me in Fierens‟ Book

Issue 41 (Summer 2009) Pages-133-140 The following paper, translated into English by Cormac Gallagher, was read by Charles Melman during a two-day conference in 2003 on the themes of Christian Fierens‟ book Lecture de L‟Etourdit. Lacan 1972, Paris: L‟Harmattan, 2002. … Continue reading