Daniel Burston – Psychoanalysis, Psychiatry and Bipolar Disorder in the Twenty First Century

Issue 46 (Spring 2011)  Pages – 3-11 During the last quarter of the twentieth century neo-Kraepelinian psychiatry joined forces with non-psychiatric critics to repudiate and ridicule Freud and his followers. This paper addresses some of the causes and consequences of the decline of … Continue reading

Cormac Gallagher – The Patient as Actor: Notall in the Case Presentation

Issue 42 (Autumn 2009) Pages – 1-20 While the case presentation from Emil Kraepelin onwards has tended to obectify and medicalise the psychiatric patient, this paper argues that it was in his re-presentations at L’hôpital Sainte-Anne that Jacques Lacan best … Continue reading

Tom Dalzell – Schizophrenia in Freud and Lacan: No Return to pre-Kraepelinian Bewilderment

Issue 40 (Spring 2009) Pages-7-17 This article argues that while Freud accepted Kraepelin’s nosological divisions, he reversed the order of late nineteenth century conceptions of psychosis, objective-biological and subjective-biographical, without returning to early nineteenth century Romantic psychiatry or obviating the claims of biological psychiatry on … Continue reading