Stephanie Metcalfe – Inside Bungalow 3 – A Psychoanalitical Perspective

THE LETTER 58 Spring 2015, Pages 71-78 This paper aims to look at the pressing question of how we care for vulnerable members of our society. The shock and outrage that followed the airing of a Prime Time investigation programme, … Continue reading

Tom Dalzell – What Freud Learned in Theodor Meynert’s Clinic

THE LETTER 49 Spring 2012, pages 65-72.  This paper examines what Freud learned from the famous Viennese  psychiatrist, Theodor Meynert, during his time at Vienna’s second psychiatric clinic in 1883. It argues that psychoanalysis’ refusal to accept unscientifictheories of mental … Continue reading

Malachi McCoy – You Have a Very Good Future Behind You

THE LETTER 49 (Spring 2012) pages 73-79 Freud reminds us of the indispensable and ethical requirement, of one’s own reputable analysis, in the formation of becoming an analyst. The science of psychoanalysis is fundamental in demystifying what is involved in, … Continue reading

Helen Sheehan “You‟re not going out like that, are you?”

Issue 43 (Spring 2010) Pages – 111-119 This paper situates Frank Wedekind’s play, Spring Awakening, in a Freudian-Lacanian framework. The masked man who makes his appearance towards the end of the play is said to be a mediator between life … Continue reading