Christian Fierens – Reading L‟étourdit: Second Turn. The Discourse of the Analyst

Issue 45 (Autumn 2010)  Pages – 17-36 This continuation of Christian Fieren‟s 2002 book, Lecture de L‟étourdit. Lacan 1972. (Paris: L‟Harmattan, 2002), is translated here into English by Cormac Gallagher. Fierens follows the four sections of Lacan‟s work, in the … Continue reading

Christian Fierens – Reading L’Étourdit: The Second Turn

Issue 43 (Spring 2010) Pages – 17-51 Lacan’s L‟étourdit eschews diagrams and other imaginary supports but refers to the “already articulated” developments of his earlier teaching, notably in the seminars on Identification and The Object of Psychoanalysis. While these articulations … Continue reading