Shirley Sharon-Zisser – Calliope’s Sc(D)ream – Feminine Jouissance In Aristotle’s Works on Language

THE LETTER 62 Summer 2016, pages 37-64 This essay offers a reading of three major Aristotelian works on language – the Rhetoric, the Poetics, and the Sophistical Refutations – with the theorisations of sexual difference in Freud’s essays on the … Continue reading

Magdalena Romanowicz, Raul Moncayo – Going Beyond Castration in the Graph of Desire

THE LETTER 58 Spring 2015, Pages 31-58 This paper explores the various meanings attached to Lacan’s famous graph of desire. The graph represents the relations between desire and the law, the signifier, the subject and the code. In addition, the … Continue reading

Ros McCarthy – The Wolfman – Symptoms as a Representation of Identificatory Conflicts

THE LETTER 58 Spring 2015, Pages 59-70 This text explores the connectivity between sexual differentiation and the Wolfman’s complicated symptomatology, tracing its progress through the dream and the primal scene to his latter-day complaint about the world being hidden by … Continue reading