Malachi McCoy – You Have a Very Good Future Behind You

THE LETTER 49 (Spring 2012) pages 73-79 Freud reminds us of the indispensable and ethical requirement, of one’s own reputable analysis, in the formation of becoming an analyst. The science of psychoanalysis is fundamental in demystifying what is involved in, … Continue reading

Cormac Gallagher – The Founding Act, the Cartel and the Riddle of the PLUS ONE

Issue 44 (Summer 2010) Pages – 1-31 In his Founding Act (1964) Jacques Lacan established a School organised around small working groups tasked with enabling each individual to produce written work. Their radically innovative character lay not just in a … Continue reading

Mary Cheyrou-Lagrèze – Through the Lenses of the Cartel…

Issue 44 (Summer 2010) Pages – 59-65 This article contrives to illustrate the fact that committing oneself to participation in a cartel requires an informed leap into the unknown; that operating in obscurity demands radical questioning of received as well as preconceived ideas; … Continue reading