Christian Fierens

Christian FierensChristian Fierens has psychoanalysis in Tervuren near Brussels, is a member of the psychoanalytic questioning and internationnale Lacanian Association, he has a doctorate in psychology and psychiatric training. He teaches psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic Read CIERL of the Free University of Brussels. Christian Fierens has written articles for The Letter

The Letter. Irish Journal for Lacanian Psychoanalyis is owned by The School of Psychotherapy at St. Vincent’s University Hospital, Dublin, and it primarily publishes the cartel work of members of the Irish School for Lacanian Psychoanalysis, founded by Cormac Gallagher ( in 2007, as well as contributions from others in Ireland and abroad who are committed to Freud and Lacan.


First launched in 1994 with the sub-title Lacanian Perspectives on Psychoanalysis, The Letter was re-launched in 2008. It appears in print three times per year and our archive contains all the articles which appeared since 1994. Please click here to subscribe to The Letter.

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