Christian Fierens – The Act of saying Notall with reference to Le Gaufey’s Work: Lacan’s Notall, Logical Consistency, Clinical Consequences

Issue 39 (Autumn 2008) 

Christian Fierens pays Guy Le Gaufey the tribute o f critically reading Notall in a positive way. As author o f Lecture de L’Étourdit, he proposes that this later work o f Lacan throws new light on Le Gaufey’s theoretical and clinical conclusions.

Some texts of Lacanian psychoanalysis, notall (pastousj, leave us with too strong an impression of mixing an inconsequential clinical practice without consequences with an uncritical reading of Lacan and an author’s libido that is apparently illogical. There remains then to the reader three possible tracks; either he will capitulate unconditionally and join the good cause presented by the author (which can be called an introjection), or indeed he will rebel without considering the reasons adduced and will heap on the work the facile abuse of being incomprehensible and detestable (which one can call a projection), or indeed finally he will set to work without delay to make good as well as he can for the flagrant lack that the work gives proof of (which one could call an interjection).

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