Christian Fierens – Introduction to L‟Etourdit

Issue 41 (Summer 2009) Pages- 19-29

The following is an extract from Christian Fierens‟ 2002 book, Lecture de L‟Etourdit. Lacan 1972 (Paris: L‟Harmattan, 2002), translated here into English by Cormac Gallagher.

Preface Is it readable?
As a writer Lacan‟s whole life could be summarised by the wish “in the end to be properly read” (Lituraterre, Autres écrits, p. 13). Far from being material for a simple reading, the Ecrits of 1966 and a fortiori the Autres ecrits, published in 2001, should be deciphered as rebuses. In that, they fall into step with what is reserved for the dream in the Freudian Traumdeutung…..

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