Magdalena Romanowicz, Raul Moncayo – Going Beyond Castration in the Graph of Desire

THE LETTER 58 Spring 2015, Pages 31-58 This paper explores the various meanings attached to Lacan’s famous graph of desire. The graph represents the relations between desire and the law, the signifier, the subject and the code. In addition, the … Continue reading

Ros McCarthy – The Wolfman – Symptoms as a Representation of Identificatory Conflicts

THE LETTER 58 Spring 2015, Pages 59-70 This text explores the connectivity between sexual differentiation and the Wolfman’s complicated symptomatology, tracing its progress through the dream and the primal scene to his latter-day complaint about the world being hidden by … Continue reading

Stephanie Metcalfe – Inside Bungalow 3 – A Psychoanalitical Perspective

THE LETTER 58 Spring 2015, Pages 71-78 This paper aims to look at the pressing question of how we care for vulnerable members of our society. The shock and outrage that followed the airing of a Prime Time investigation programme, … Continue reading

Monica Errity – Revis(it)ing Repetition

THE LETTER 58 Spring 2015, Pages 79-84 This paper seeks to uncover what lies behind Lacan’s conceptualisation of repetition as a ‘missed encounter with the real’ which he introduces in his 1964 seminar on the foundations of psychoanalysis. Through re-examining … Continue reading