Christian Fierens – Presentation, Introduction and Chapter 1 – The Roles of the Analyst. The Psycho-analytic Discourse

The Letter No57 (Autumn 2014) pages 1-27 PRESENTATION Discourse creates a social bond. How express (dire) the social bond specific to psychoanalysis? Must we base ourselves on the persons concerned by analysis? Discourse in general does not have protagonists; it … Continue reading

Marion Deane – Subject and Subject-Matter

The Letter No57 (Autumn 2014) pages 47-54 Based upon ‘The Psychoanalytic Discourse: A Second Reading of Lacan’s L’Etourdit’ by Christian Fierens, I look at ‘The Tollund Man’ by Seamus Heaney as the first stage of a process. I consider the … Continue reading

Nellie Curtin – Irish Myth – Culture and Psychic Structure

The Letter No57 (Autumn 2014) pages 55-62 The relationship of myth and psychoanalysis is present in Freud’s writing from the beginning. He uses myth to help explain his theories of infantile sexuality and the interpretation of dreams. His references are … Continue reading

Micheli Romão – An Examination of the Function of the Proper Name as introduced in Crucial Problems for Psychoanalysis

The Letter No 57 (Autumn 2014) pages 63-77 This paper explores the occurrence of parapraxis in two different instances, and its relation to the function of the proper name. The first parapraxis is cap-tured in the word Poor(d)J’eLI, presented by … Continue reading