Charles Melman – Inside and Outside in the Case of President Schreber

THE LETTER 48 (Autumn 2011) pages 1-7. Are our thoughts and actions governed by innate ideas, as Plato would have it, or by the experience of reality mediated by our senses which is Aristotle’s position?  This ancient question can be … Continue reading

William J. Richardson – Philosophy and Psychoanalysis – The Spelling of Marilyn Monroe

THE LETTER 48 (Autumn 2011) pages 9-30 This is the text of a memorial lecture given by Dr. Richardson in honour of Professor Thomas A. Blakely (1933 – 1989). The lecture was  sponsored by the Boston College Graduate School of … Continue reading

Daragh Howard – Lacan’s Concept of the Unconscious in Seminar XI (Part One) – On the Subject as Indeterminate

THE LETTER 48 (Autumn 2011) pages 47-53 This is the first part of a paper on the unconscious as discussed in Lacan’s Seminar XI, The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis. It highlights the elaboration of the questions of Cause, Location, … Continue reading

Lionel Bailey – Psychoanalysis in the Work of a Psychiatrist in the State Sector

THE LETTER 48 (Autumn 2011) pages 55-62 This paper shows how psychiatrists and psychoanalysts interact in an institutional setting. The problematic of their different discourses is not unique to their situation, and this is frequently understood to be a problem … Continue reading

Lionel Bailey – Book Review – Freud’s Schreber Between Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis – T. G. Dalzell

THE LETTER 48 (Autumn 2011) pages 63-64 This book of Thomas Dalzell’s is a tour de force. Despite stating that his text is not intended as ‘another general exploration of Sigmund Freud’s 1911 Schreber text’, he does in the end … Continue reading