Jacques Lacan – Psychoanalysis and the Formation of the Psychiatrist

This talk given by Lacan as a contribution to a program of lectures for trainee psychiatrists deals with the place of psychoanalysis in the formation of the psychiatrist, with the treatment of the psychotic as its central theme. The anxiety … Continue reading

Cormac Gallagher – What can we Learn From Freud‘s Critique of Religion

This paper was given at the conference in All Hallows on 10  June 2011.1 It deals with the influences on Freud‘s often neglected religious formation and his own subjective tendency towards religious superstition. This forms the background to his seminal … Continue reading

Terry Ball – Love in Plato‘s Symposium and Lacan‘s Transference Seminar

This article focuses on Lacan‘s eighth seminar on Transference, specifically his references to Plato‘s Symposium, and more particularly the attention he pays therein to the interaction and dialogue between Alcibiades, Socrates and Agathon. Addressed will be Lacan‘s specific take on … Continue reading

Guy Le Gaufey – Scholion, A Misuse of Metaphor (in Lacan‘s Notall)

The final part of Guy Le Gaufey‘s book ―Lacan‘s Notall‖ – The Scholion: A  Misuse of Metaphor, translated by Cormac Gallagher, deals with Lacan‘s treatment of the Borromean Knot and his attempt to use logic to deal with the problematic … Continue reading

Christian Fierens – The Tool of Diagnosis and Operation of the Matheme

This is the unedited text of a talk, given to the ―Matinées de psychothérapie institutionnelle‖, at Facultés Universitaires de Saint-Louis, Brussels on the 24th September 2010 dealing with the problematic of diagnosis in terms of a particular structure of psychosis, … Continue reading