Lionel Bailey – Psychoanalysis in the Work of a Psychiatrist in the State Sector

THE LETTER 48 (Autumn 2011) pages 55-62 This paper shows how psychiatrists and psychoanalysts interact in an institutional setting. The problematic of their different discourses is not unique to their situation, and this is frequently understood to be a problem … Continue reading

Lionel Bailey – Book Review – Freud’s Schreber Between Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis – T. G. Dalzell

THE LETTER 48 (Autumn 2011) pages 63-64 This book of Thomas Dalzell’s is a tour de force. Despite stating that his text is not intended as ‘another general exploration of Sigmund Freud’s 1911 Schreber text’, he does in the end … Continue reading

Lionel Bailly – Pediatric Bipolar?

Issue 46 (Spring 2011)  Pages – 47-56 Between 1994 and 2003 the number of outpatient pediatric psychiatry visits associated with the diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder in the USA apparently increased 40-fold. Such an increase was not supported by any new … Continue reading