Christian Fierens – Chapter 3 The Logics of Sexuation The Psychoanalytic Discourse – A Second Reading of Lacan’s L’Etourdit

The Letter 59 & 60 Summer – Autumn 2015, pages 1-37 The Psychoanalytic Discourse.A Second Reading of Lacan’s L’Étourdit CHAPTER 3 THE LOGICS Of SEXUATION For classical logic, the real is approached in the order of truth: in principle it … Continue reading

Christian Fierens – Presentation, Introduction and Chapter 1 – The Roles of the Analyst. The Psycho-analytic Discourse

The Letter No57 (Autumn 2014) pages 1-27 PRESENTATION Discourse creates a social bond. How express (dire) the social bond specific to psychoanalysis? Must we base ourselves on the persons concerned by analysis? Discourse in general does not have protagonists; it … Continue reading

Christian Fierens – The Real of Lacan in the Treatment of Psychosis

THE LETTER 55 & 56 Spring/Summer 2014, pages 65-73.  The concept of lack in Lacanian theory leads to the Lacanian Real. How can the Real take the place of a conception of psychosis as a lack in the Symbolic, thought of … Continue reading