Barry O’Donnell – Terms and Conditions – Psychosis and Psychoanalytic Treatment

THE LETTER 55 & 56 Spring/Summer 2014, pages 27-39. Psychoanalysis is a practice launched by a neurologist, Sigmund Freud, based on the interpretation of dreams, products of every mental life which signify so madly that the normal and the pathological become … Continue reading

Barry O’Donnell – Questions Arising from Reading Darian Leader’s What is Madness

THE LETTER 49 Spring 2012, pages 51-63. This paper examines the representation of a psychoanalytic response to madness in the recent publication What is Madness? by Darian Leader.  Drawing from the comments of Christian Fierens and Guy Le Gaufey and … Continue reading

Barry O’Donnell – Towards the Difference between Neurosis and Psychosis

Issue 40 (Spring 2009) Pages-43-57 This paper recommends that clinicians attempting to differentiate the structures o f neurosis and psychosis take account o f Freud’s thinking on the mental act o f negation, based on his clinical practice, as well as Jacques Lacan’s … Continue reading